Approach in the development of lightweight microservice architecture for small data center monitoring system

  • Milan Malić Panonit
  • Dalibor Dobrilovic University of Novi Sad / Technical Faculty "Mihajlo Pupin"
  • Dušan Malić Technical College of Applied Sciences in Zrenjanin
  • Željko Stojanov University of Novi Sad / Technical Faculty “Mihajlo Pupin
Keywords: microservices; IoT; MongoDB; SQL; .NET Core; data center, RabbitMQ


In the past decade there is a significant trend of implementing IoT technologies and standards in different industries. This trend brings cost reductions to the companies and other benefits as well. One of the main benefits is real time and united data collection. The data are transferred using diverse communication protocols, from the sensor nodes to the centralized application. So far, current approaches in developing applications are not proved itself to be efficient enough in scenarios when a significant amount of data needs to be stored and analyzed. The focus of this paper is on development of software architecture suitable for usage in Internet of Things (IoT) systems where the larger number of data can be processed in real time. The software architecture is developed in order to support the sensor network for monitoring the small data center and it is based is on microservices. Besides the system and its architecture, this paper presents the method of analyses of system performances in real time environment. The proposal for lightweight microservice architecture, presented in this paper, is developed with .NET Core and RabbitMQ, with the utilization of MongoDB and SQLite databases systems for storing data collected with IoT devices. In the paper the system evaluation and research results in different stress scenarios are also presented. Because of its complexity, only the most significant segments of architecture will be presented in this paper. Together with the software architecture

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