International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computing (IJEEC) is a peer reviewed, open access scientific journal, published by the University of East Sarajevo, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the publishing, design and marketing company Academic Mind, Belgrade, Serbia. The journal was created to promote the academic, professional community and research development visibility, spreading original and relevant articles in the wide range of subfields related to the electrical engineering and computer science. The papers reporting and containing original theoretical and/or practice oriented research and articles of interdisciplinary nature are all welcome.


The topics covered by International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computing (IJEEC) are including and not limited to the following research areas: 

  • information systems, data security and privacy,
  • software engineering,
  • computer architectures,
  • system software,
  • multimedia and computer graphics,
  • internet and web technologies,
  • e-business,
  • analysis and optimization of telecommunication channels,
  • analysis and measurement of quality of transmission in telecommunication systems,
  • methods for improvement of quality of transmission in telecommunication systems,
  • analysis of modulation techniques,
  • advanced architectures of telecommunication systems,
  • industrial engineering and management,
  • control systems design and analysis,
  • control systems industry applications,
  • computer aspects of control systems,
  • signal processing and applications,
  • electronic circuits and components,
  • optoelectronics,
  • industrial electronics,
  • power electronics,
  • digital systems and logical design,
  • power grids and systems,
  • planning, control, and exploitation in power systems,
  • power systems elements,
  • power system protection and control,
  • electrical machines and drives,
  • renewable energy sources,
  • information systems and communication in power systems.

Language and presentation

All manuscripts must be prepared in English.

Types of Papers

  • Original Research Papers

Original Research Papers are detailed studies reporting original research and are classified as primary literature. These manuscripts should present well-rounded studies reporting innovative advances that further knowledge about a topic of importance to the fields of Electrical Engineering and Computing. The conclusions of the Original Research Paper should be clearly supported by the results. Original Research Papers should be prepared according to a standard format called IMRAD (Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, and Discussion). Original Research Papers can range in length from 8 to 12 pages.

  • Review Papers

Reviews provide a reasoned survey and examination of a particular subject of research in Electrical Engineering and Computing. Review Paper should include critical assessment of the works cited, explanations of conflicts in the literature, and analysis of the field. The conclusion must discuss in detail the limitations of current knowledge, future directions to be pursued in research, and the overall importance of the topic in Electrical Engineering and Computing. Review Papers can range in length from 10 to 12 pages, and cite at least 50 references.

  • Case Studies

A Case Study examines a subject of analysis in Electrical Engineering and Computing in order to extrapolate key themes and results that help predict future trends, illuminate previously hidden issues that can be applied to practice, and/or provide a means for understanding an important research problem with greater clarity. A Case Study Paper usually examines a single subject of analysis, but Case Study Papers can also be designed as a comparative investigation that shows relationships between two or among more than two subjects. The methods used to study a case can rest within a quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-method investigative paradigm. Case Study Papers can range in length from 8 to 12 pages.

  • Short reports

A Short Report allows authors to publish the results of a small number of experiments, provided the conclusion is clear and justified, and the findings are novel and judged to be of high importance. Short Reports can range in length from 4 to 6 pages.

Open Access

International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computing (IJEEC) is an open access journal. Full texts of all articles published in the journal can be read and downloaded without any form of restriction.

Review Policy

The journal operates a double-blind review policy.

Publication Frequency

High quality, refereed papers will be published twice a year, in June and December.


By the decision of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska, no. 07.06/053-11/2017-7 dated 27/09/2017, the journal „International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computing“ is registered in the Registry of publications under the record number of 683.