Disturbance Compensation in Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Control – A Comparative Study

  • Goran Milosavljević The Academy of Applied Technical and Preschool Studies
  • Milutin Petronijević Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Niš
Keywords: electrical drives; sliding mode control; speed control; position control; discrete-time variable structure control


This work is intended to compare three methods for disturbances estimation and compensation in discrete-time variable structure systems with sliding modes. All methods detect disturbance, which appear in control channel, with time delay of one sampling perio. The first method is based on nominal discrete-time plant model and can be used in any type of discrete-time control systems. The second and the third methods detect disturbance by measurement of sliding function, and it is applicable in discrete-time sliding mode control systems only. The main task of this work is to check efficiency of the given methods in the presence of unmodeled inertial dynamics in actuators and position and velocity sensors of a positional servo system. It is shown that all three methods give near identical results in the nominal case, while the second and the third methods are superior in the presence of unmodelled dynamics. The third method introduces zig-zag motion in the nominal case. Results of research are illustrated by computer simulation of an example of positional servo system.

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