A New Design Approach to Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Controllers With Disturbance Compensation

  • Cedomir Milosavljević
  • Boban Veselić
Keywords: electrical drives; sliding mode control; speed control; position control; discrete-time variable structure control


Abstract— A new design approach to discrete time sliding-mode-based controllers with disturbance compensation is proposed in this paper. The approach is applicable for linear time invariant plants with matched disturbances. Starting from the known methods for disturbance estimation (i) using discrete time nominal plant model and (ii) using original sliding mode control design method, full integration of those two algorithms into single one is proposed. Besides, the proposed algorithm can be additionally simplified for a small sampling time. The simplified algorithm does not directly depend on the equivalent control but only on the present and previous values of the sliding variable and previous value of the control. The obtained results are compared with the corresponding system with disturbance estimator based on sliding variable measurement. It is established that both methods give identical results in the nominal case. The method is illustrated in a positional servo system design. Comparative analysis of different methods is done by computer simulation.

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