Sequences and antisequences in hypertensive patients under therapy

  • Nikolina Tomić Faculty of Technical Sciences
  • Gorana Marković
  • Tamara Škorić
  • Branislav Milovanović
Keywords: baroreflex, hypertension, heart rate, systolic blood pressure, sequences, entropy, copula, probability integral transform


Baroreceptor reflex (baroreflex) is a domineering physiological regulator considering the systolic blood pressure (SBP) and hart rate (HR). It maintains the negative feedback equilibrium: if the blood pressure increase, heart rate decreases and vice versa. The aim of this study is to compare the number of baroreflex sequences in hypertensive patients before and after the drug administration, and to oppose the assumptions about their origin. Other methods that evaluate the mutual connection between the SBP and HR time series are investigated as well, such as cross-entropy, copula parameter, and probability integral transformed entropy. Surrogate data were used as a control.

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