Image Processing on Raspberry Pi Cluster

  • Dušan Marković Facutly of Agronomy Čačak, University of Kragujevac
  • Dejan Vujičić
  • Dragana Mitrović
  • Siniša Ranđić


The development direction of the high-performance computing has been primarily oriented toward improvements in the number of computing units, and their better organization and interconnection. The central processing units in modern mainframes are in some cases inadequate for data parallelization, because large amount of data requires large number of processing units. This problem can be partially overcome by introducing embedded devices with enough processing power and with smaller power dissipation, but the new problems emerge, specifically the problem of their interconnection in a distributed environment. One of such devices is Raspberry Pi board, which has four processing cores in the latest revision, and we combined four of such devices into a cluster. These devices are interconnected via Ethernet router and by using MPI interface, they can be programmed to work as a single unit. We supplied a set of images that are processed on the cluster and measured its performance.

Case Studies