Networked and Cloud Control Systems - Modern Challenges in Control Engineering

  • Nataša Popović senior teaching assistant
  • Milica Naumović


The paper describes development of some control techniques used in the feedback control systems. Modern control trends, with attention to networked control systems, and basic assumptions for introducing a new control concept – control in the cloud are described. Networked control systems techniques initiated the development of concept of Internet of Things and are fundamental in cloud control systems design. Network induced delays that occur in networked control systems, as a result of the presence of a communication network, and networked control systems stability are considered, as well. Time delays and data dropouts influence on the networked control system behavior and stability is analyzed, and some relations for maximum allowable delay bound estimation are provided. It is shown, on example of DC motor control, that networked system behaves in desired manner and remains stable if the delay is less then estimated maximum bound. When data dropouts occur, system delays become greater and lead to the system instability. Cloud control systems use some techniques of networked control systems and cloud computing. These techniques are briefly presented and are necessary to complete control tasks in the cloud.

Case Studies