Performance Analysis of Binary Watermarking Algorithm for Color Image Protection Against Nongeometric Attacks

  • Zoran Veličković Academy of Applied Technical and Preschool Studies, Section Nis
  • Dejan Blagojević
  • Marko Veličković
Keywords: Watermarking, YCbCr color model, Nongeometrics attacks, QR code, Binary watermark, NC, Bit error


In this paper, the performance of the recommended algorithm for color image protection by inserting a binary watermark - QR code into the chrominance channel of the carrier image was determined. Algorithm performance is determined in cases of nongeometric attacks such as JPG compression, Gaussian noise, Speckle noise and Salt & Pepper. For certain attack intensities, differential threshold values were determined when the watermark can be extracted without errors. Values of a certain differential threshold do not cause significant degradation of image quality, and compared to the degradation caused by individual attacks, they are significantly smaller. The information encoded by the QR code can be used to identify the author and source after decoding. The results obtained in the experimental part of the work confirm the high resistance of the proposed algorithm to nongeometric attacks. The results of the experiment confirm that the presented concept can be successfully used in copyright protection, that is, in the protection of color images from copying and illegal use and distribution. In the continuation of the research, the performance of the algorithm for geometric attacks will be determined and the ability of the QR code to correct errors in extracted watermarks will be evaluated.

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