Load Bank System Modification for Appropriate Diesel Generator Testing by Programmable Resistive Load

  • Marko Rosić University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak
  • Miroslav Bjekić University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak
Keywords: load bank, mobile generators, wet-stacking, programable load, PM5110, data logging, Arduino


The paper presents adaptation of a commercial AC load bank system modified to deliver controlled load to the diesel generators in order to prevent generator wet-stacking. The described solution involves increasing the existing load resolution from 6*53 kW to a resolution of 56 steps with 5.7 kW, making an approximate total load of 319 kW. The load can be controlled in steps of ±5.7 kW, ±17 kW, and ±51 kW. Measurement of electrical quantities was realized with PM51100 power meter. For the purpose of recording electrical quantities, a cost-effective solution with a RecMod2021 device using Modbus communication protocol was developed. The RecMod2021 device is programmed to read the PM51100 registers and log read quantities to the belonging SD card. The format of the recorded electrical quantities was adapted for later graphical representation and analysis of the power supply quality, as well as the stability of the generator automatic voltage regulation (AVR) system under various load scenarios. Several generator test results are presented and discussed at the end of the paper as well as the possibility of generation of test report documentation.

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