High Frequency Radio Surveillance System

  • Verica Marinković-Nedelicki IRITEL a.d.
  • Branislav Pavić IRITEL a.d.
  • Jovan Radivojević IRITEL a.d.
  • Predrag Petrović IRITEL a.d.
  • Aleksandar Lebl
Keywords: antenna multicoupler unit; 6-channel HF radio signal receiver; demodulator; RTL-SDR –Software Defined Radio, SCPI protocol


The radio system for high frequency spectrum monitoring and signal processing used in direction finding is presented in this paper. This main function is realized using 6-channel HF radio signal receiver. The high degree of flexibility is achieved by the application of antenna multicoupler unit which allows that signals from several antennas may be processed in the system. The system signal processing especially in the demodulator is based on the most modern components of software defined radio. User handling is simple over intuitive user interface and system functional parameters may be easily changed.

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